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Who we are

 DianaTalentinSchildThe company founded in 2015 in Germany‘s Black Forest region considers itself as a travelling companion for professional futures. Therefor Talentin career coaches first analyze candidate‘s personal potential and objectives in face-to-face interviews. Many candidates—mainly female ones—have a lack of self esteem to set objectives that meet the own potential. “There is too much sandbagging” co-founder Diana Kluenner says. This first interviews and coaching leads to a self-empowered candidate and is the first step for a further cooperation.

Only an analysis of the candidates potential paired with the living situation allows to draw conclusions on one’s dream job. “Many people keep their once chosen trade and grade sometimes for decades although they do not have the least gleam of passion for it!” so Kluenner.

Once all parameters are defined it is the duty of Talentin to get the candidates their dream job, or at least a job as close as possible to it. With a career coaching program including CV optimization, and interview training the candidate receives further empowerment. Depending on all parameters Talentin seeks for the perfect emplower and pitches the candidate.

All service is totally free of cost for candidates. Talentin receives its commission only from employing companies.


„Senza la donna non va niente. Questo l‘ha dovuto riconoscere perfino dio!“

The quote of Italian actress Elenora Duse that can be translated as “It won’t work without women. Even god had to realize that!” and that is also the motto of Talentin. “Women are half of the labor force potential, enjoy in average a better education than men, but very often have a need for support by career coaches” Alexander Hug the other co-founder of Talentin comments his company’s decision to focus on female candidates. Nevertheless also male candidates are invited to contact Talentin for a first informational conversation. It is always free and it’s worth it.